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15 Reasons to Love Cruises

Cruises are one of the most booked vacations in the world. Nearly everyone has a go-to cruise franchise, but what makes cruising so enjoyable? Here are 15 wonderful reasons to love cruises. You might even book one by the time you get to the end! 1. All-Inclusive Cost – Booking a ... Continue reading

Travel Tips: Traveling Smarter and Easier

The time has come – you’ve booked a trip with a well-known cruise franchise and you’re ready to set sail! Traveling is exciting and there are some things to keep in mind to make your trip even better. Here are some great tips for traveling smarter and easier on your ... Continue reading
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How to Decide on a Cruise Destination

You’ve decided to book a trip with your favorite cruise franchise, but where should you go? Selecting a cruise destination depends on a number of things including the time of year you’re traveling, the activities you like, and the type of trip you want to experience. Here are some tips ... Continue reading
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Best Cruise Destinations for Certain Times of Year

Going on a cruise can be the trip of a lifetime. Cruise franchises offer a variety of trips in different destinations. How do you know which destination to pick during the time of year you want to travel? Here are some tips on selecting the best destination for different times ... Continue reading
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How to Plan a Group Cruise

Going on a trip in a group with your favorite cruise franchise can create lifelong memories. But planning that trip, coordinating everyone’s schedules, travel details, and the like can be overwhelming. With groups, everyone will have different interests, some members of the group might be working on different budgets and ... Continue reading
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What to Look for When Selecting a Cruise Cabin

You’ve narrowed down your vacation search and settled on your favorite cruise franchise. Now comes the fun part – picking what cabin you’ll be spending your times on the open seas in! Not all cabins are created equal, so there are some very important things to consider when making your ... Continue reading
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Top 5 Activities to Do On a Cruise

There are different activities to do onboard and a cruise franchise can explain these. But what are the top five fun things, as recommended by a cruise franchise, that nearly every cruise offers? Here are the top five activities to do on a cruise. 1. Spa – Your trusted cruise franchise ... Continue reading
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8 Things to Look for in a Travel Agency

In recent years, those looking to book with a cruise franchise – or any other trip – have moved away from doing it themselves and towards using travel agencies. But what makes a travel agency a good bet? Aside from not having to plan anything yourself, using a travel agency ... Continue reading
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Cruise Food: Don’t Blow Your Diet

Everyone knows that vacation can be disastrous to those New Year’s resolutions. But before you swear off booking a trip with your favorite cruise franchise, take a minute to think through how you can keep yourself accountable, and your calories down, on your next vacation. Cruises are filled to the ... Continue reading
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