The Ease and Pleasure of Having a Home Based Travel Business

OK, so you’ve heard the comment: I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME!


I don’t have to dress up (I can even work in my pajamas.)

 I make my own hours.

I save money on gas and not buying lunch. 

I don’t have so many interruptions.


As they should be. Working from home has become an option for many types of businesses but having a home based travel business makes a great deal of sense.

First, you can combine your passion for travel with a viable business. Second, by taking a look at the following benefits and basic components, I feel you will consider this wonderful way to “go to work.” 

Cost – Most people already have an area in their home set aside for their home computer that includes a desk and chair.  Upgrading to an “office” is relatively simple and inexpensive. You may need to add a business phone line, possibly expand your internets service, purchase a business printer with fax capability and then you are pretty well set to go. 

You can also save money. On average you can save $5000 in fuel costs (also – think green – by putting fewer miles on your car you are reducing gas emissions!)  If you have children you may be able to reduce some child care expenses by being available to pick the kids after school and run them to doctor appointments, etc.

Technology – Internet-based programs allow you to work pretty much from anywhere. With a home based travel business that has a sophisticated customer management program, a real-time, live- inventory booking engine and a financial reporting system, you can run your business smoothly whether you are at home or traveling. You will get that with a proven franchise system.

Hours – With a home based travel business you will find your hours to be more flexible than the 9- 5 office routine. You will want to work around your client base’s needs which may include early evenings and some time on weekends.   But then you can spend more time during the week on your personal needs – putting your saved commuting time towards a gym membership, a hobby or studying.  If you have children the time you save from commuting can be spent with them. As with any successful business, your hours are flexible, but not optional! 

Productively – You will be happier and more productive. Now that’s quite a statement but statistics  show by spending more time with your family and/or spending more time on yourself it makes you happier.  You will be able to take online courses provided by the cruise lines and other travel suppliers to increase your knowledge base for your home based travel business.  These courses can be taken at your own pace and provide industry certifications. Also, you will find without interruptions you will be able to get more done. 

Plus, with a home based travel business you are sending people on their dream vacations! 

By Mary Antoine, Franchise Development Specialist, CruiseOne.

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