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According to the IFA, franchise businesses generating upwards of $1.5 trillion in sales. Franchise Owners today including Travel Franchise Owners with Cruise One, are benefitting today from what makes buying a franchise better than starting your own business from scratch?

In starting your own Travel Franchise with Cruise One, you’re investing in a support system. Their Travel Franchise will see you operating a business, which has already been developed, tried and tested by the expert Franchisor. From day one your Travel Franchise comes with all the bumps ironed out which could take a lifetime reach starting from scratch.

With your Travel Franchise you’ll have a brand and a model with established operating, reporting and management systems in place. Taking advantage of the head start a Travel Franchise offers and negating the headache that comes with going solo, is business-savvy. While the statistics for new small business success has a scant 60 to 80% failure rate in the U.S., IFA statistics show that 80% of franchise owners succeed in business.

IFA statistics also show the cruise industry is the fastest growing category in the entire leisure travel market, making a Travel Franchise well worth your consideration. With an average annual passenger growth rate of 7.2% over 12 years, and over 50 million indicating intent to cruise over the next three years… they could be turning to your Travel Franchise!  To date, approximately 20% of the U.S. population has ever cruised: which equates to measurable opportunity for any Travel Franchise.

A-lining your interests with a Cruise One Travel Franchise allows you to make a living you’ll enjoy. Your Travel Franchise will allow ‘you’ to decide the heights of your earnings. Your Travel Franchise will allow you to create a business of value and Cruise One will assure your Travel Franchise has the best Brand and Industry Support available today! A Travel Franchise that is future focused with effective and tested systems, the best-practiced insights to its management and unsurpassed technology… call Cruise One now!

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