Bryan Villella, Franchise Owner since 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I was working the tough streets of Orlando as a Deputy Sheriff. I worked 12-13 hour shifts, eight days a week. I became interested in cruising and after taking my first cruise I was hooked. I began to organize group cruises for friends and family through a travel agent. One day I said I am doing all the work – Why don’t I start my own travel company? I started part time while still working as a Law Enforcement Officer and eventually realized the commitment was too much and decided to leave my 30 year career for an easier paced profession. After five years as an agent, I have enjoyed endless travel to destinations I never thought possible. I went from wearing a vest and carrying a gun, to wearing a back pack and carrying a passport. Although at the time I enjoyed Law Enforcement, I have never looked back and enjoy my new life to the fullest.

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