The Family of Franchising

Blue DreamsicleThey say in franchising that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. For us, this credo extends beyond the support franchisees receive. Opening a home-based travel franchise is more than opening a travel agency that sells dream vacations, it is joining a family with a built-in support system.

In a franchise system, there is always somebody available to help – personally and professionally. Franchise owners within CruiseOne/Dream Vacations are among the most supportive in the industry. They rely on each other’s expertise to grow and better serve their individual clients. The Business Development Team creates engagement opportunities that facilitate and foster those relationships, whether it is creating a Best Practices Toolkit that includes personal success stories or securing opportunities for collaboration and cost-sharing at business-building community events.

Another perk of joining a home-based franchise system is being part of something larger than oneself. At CruiseOne/Dream Vacations, we understand the importance of incorporating engagement into everything we do.

For example, we are hosting a National Umbrella Drink Day promotion in February with several interactive elements. The standard onboard credit is still being offered, but we’re leveraging the hashtag #UmbrellaDrinkDay to host two social media contests — one for consumers and one for our franchisees. Strong promotions that engage franchisees helps get them excited and ultimately helps them sell more. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

When joining a franchise, one not only builds a book of business but also develops lifelong friends. At CruiseOne/Dream Vacations, this camaraderie among franchise owners is evident at our Headquarters-sponsored events throughout the year, such as at Regional Trainings and National Conference.

If you are a team-player with a passion for travel and an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to be part of something bigger than oneself, then consider opening a home-based travel franchise.

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