Laura & Kelly Qualls, Franchise Owners since 2014, Grapevine, TX

CruiseOne/Dream Vacations is a powerful ally. Their Risk Space program gives us price advantages. And, the people are wonderful, whenever we have a question, help is just a phone call away. When we’re at the annual conference, we’re always able to meet with people from HQ and touch base. They make an effort to be available to us, which is greatly appreciated. I look forward to the day I retire from the police department to dedicate my time fully to our business. Credit for choosing Travel as a new career belongs to my wife, Laura. It was her idea to buy the franchise, and she recently retired from her career as a Project Manager to dedicate her time to travel. Laura choose travel because she loves travel and she’s an avid cruiser (over 15 cruises and counting). I wasn’t that interested when she started, but I caught the bug. I love land travel. I’m still with the Dallas Police Department as an officer, but handle the land travel part of our business, and Laura handles cruises.

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