Mattie Johnson, Franchise Owner since 2015, Philadelphia, PA

“As a veteran, the military offered opportunities that many people only dream of.   It allowed me to travel to places I’d only seen through pictures in a book, and to learn the value of working together as a respectful team.  That team became my family, because we depended on each other to make it through whatever came our way – together.  Those same qualities are what make a good business partnership great:  camaraderie, respect, support, honesty, a defined plan of action, impactful learning exchanges and something that every veteran has experienced and values:  a strong team.  CruiseOne / Dream Vacations offers all of those qualities and so much more!  I love being a travel specialist with CruiseOne / Dream Vacations because of their strong commitment to the travel industry, and their never ending support to the agents, regardless if it is your first day or you have been with them for a decade.  Most importantly, CruiseOne / Dream Vacations honors veterans on a level which changes lives…mine has definitely changed for the better as a 2015 Cruise One Vetrepreneur honoree.”

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