Not many businesses offer as much opportunity and countless benefits as a CruiseOne franchise.

Low-cost, low-investment opportunity with no inventory!

The CruiseOne franchise fee is $9,800 with financing available for those who qualify. With as little as $3,500 down you can begin the journey as a travel franchise owner. We offer an initial franchise fee discount program which includes 20% off for U.S. veterans and 10% off for all others as part of our diversity initiative.

Please ask to see if you qualify for one of our discounted franchise fee programs!


Experienced Travel Professionals Joining CruiseOne

Experienced travel professionals with a valid CLIA or IATA card and previous gross departed sales of $100,000 will receive up to 70% off, and those with previous gross departed sales of $200,000 will receive up to 95% off the initial franchise fee.

Get started today and create the lifestyle you have always deserved.

Our low-investment, home-based travel business creates the perfect opportunity for people from all walks of life to focus on what’s important while building a thriving business.

Inner Form

Dana Salem

Dana was always the ‘friend and family’ travel agent so she decided to turn her passion into a cruise and travel business! Her enthusiasm for travel and for helping her client’s dream vacations come true shines through! She started her CruiseOne business about 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back since her only regret is that she didn’t start sooner!

-Dana Salem-McCarthy, Novelty, OH