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Currently, more than 30% of our franchisees are Military Veterans or Spouses. 

You joined the military because you felt the call to serve your country. But after the military, your service – and your career – can continue in new directions. Conquer a career as a home-based travel agency franchise owner, adding to the experience you earned in the military and helping you find new purpose in the community. Dream Vacations is committed to recruiting U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses who want to become entrepreneurs. We would love to expand our growing franchise family with those who enjoy working with people, are self-disciplined and have a passion for travel.


Veteran’s Enlistment Package – More than $5,000 Value


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Our low-investment, home-based travel business creates the perfect opportunity for people from all walks of life to focus on what’s important while building a thriving business.

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Paula Kaisner

Paula had a successful career in technology but she wanted to do something she was more passionate about and found the CruiseOne franchise opportunity to be the perfect fit for her after meeting a CruiseOne franchise owner on a cruise. Paula says that she has had a blast with her business and the support and learning opportunity provided have helped her grow her business.

– Paula Kaisner, Lakeway, TX.

“Owning a Dream Vacations travel franchise is ideal for military spouses because it is a business that can travel with you. My husband is an Army officer and we have moved nine times in 15 years of marriage. I was even able to keep my business running while stationed overseas. It also is a good opportunity for spouses because military families love to travel during the limited time they have together, and knowing how to get them military rates on their vacations gives you an advantage over other agents. You also have the trust of the military family as a military spouse so they want your help with their vacation planning.”

- Toni & Joseph Verastegui, Franchise Owners since 2012, West Point NY

“After retiring from the U.S. Army I was in search of a second career. I am a stay-at-home dad and wanted something that would allow me to maintain my time with my daughters and support their after-school activities. When searching for “veteran-friendly” franchise opportunities I quickly learned that CruiseOne and Dream Vacations is where I needed to be. One of the main reasons I bought my franchise was the amount of support given to those of us that are veterans. CruiseOne and Dream Vacations welcomed me with open arms and my business is really starting to take off. I have even helped out some of my former unit members in planning their dream vacations.”

- Mike Hanlon, Franchise Owner since 2015, Wilmington NC

“Being a franchise owner is similar to leading troops in the military by placing the needs of my customers first. This is helps me focus on the people and what their desires are through planning a meaningful vacation. Paying attention to detail, active listening, and follow up are also lessons that I have taken from the military to help me plan and deliver happiness to people who are seeking to travel. In 2015 I was recognized as one of five winners of the CruiseOne/Dream Vacations “Operation Vetrepreneur” contest. It has been a dream that is opening doors for me to build a business that I am passionate about. The CruiseOne/Dream Vacations family is helpful, attentive, and absolutely supportive in all areas to see me succeed and deliver value to my customers.”

- Larkin Frazier, Franchise Owner since 2015, Nashville, TN

“As a veteran, the military offered opportunities that many people only dream of.   It allowed me to travel to places I’d only seen through pictures in a book, and to learn the value of working together as a respectful team.  That team became my family, because we depended on each other to make it through whatever came our way – together.  Those same qualities are what make a good business partnership great:  camaraderie, respect, support, honesty, a defined plan of action, impactful learning exchanges and something that every veteran has experienced and values:  a strong team.  CruiseOne / Dream Vacations offers all of those qualities and so much more!  I love being a travel specialist with CruiseOne / Dream Vacations because of their strong commitment to the travel industry, and their never ending support to the agents, regardless if it is your first day or you have been with them for a decade.  Most importantly, CruiseOne / Dream Vacations honors veterans on a level which changes lives…mine has definitely changed for the better as a 2015 Cruise One Vetrepreneur honoree.”

- Mattie Johnson, Franchise Owner since 2015, Philadelphia, PA

“I decided to become a business owner while on Active Duty to both supplement my income and to grow my business so I can have a sustainable income in the event that I eventually separate from the Air Force.  I’ve always had the strong desire to own a business and experience the freedom that comes with that.  I finally found that freedom when I joined the CruiseOne family. The military has taught me a great deal of attention to detail and stress management which has been VERY useful since I got started.  I was on my third cruise and that’s when it clicked that I should be involved with the travel industry.  The franchise option appealed to me because I didn’t know the first thing about booking vacations for people.  I liked the idea of having a corporate support system and family of fellow franchisees who could help me grow. But most important, you can find an answer for everything if you know where to look.  I like the freedom of setting my own work hours and making my own decisions.  I like being able to use my creative mind in my advertising techniques and lending a hand to people who are vacation-planning, I just love helping people! Their support system is top-notch, great relationships are already established with different vacation suppliers and, not to mention, veterans are eligible for a discounted franchise fee!  There is a reason CruiseOne is rated one of the top franchises for military veterans.”

- David Frost, Franchise Owner since 2014, Panama City, FL

“The military has offered my wife and I extensive traveling experience to over 15 countries. These experiences offer a true perspective to our customers when planning their vacation. In the military we learn to be flexible and adapt to many different types of situations and that is important in the travel industry because it’s not your vacation to plan, it’s someone else’s. This is a very exciting industry, one that you must continue to educate yourself on. So it’s important to find a company that is supportive and will provide ongoing assistance. CruiseOne has been great at welcoming us to the family.”

- Grant Springer, Franchise Owner since 2013, Edgewater, MD

“The thing I like about CruiseOne is that the things I learned in my 29 years in the U.S. Navy works well in this company. Like planning your work and working off your plan. And the most important thing that makes the military successful is that sense of family. At CruiseOne, you’re never alone, there is always someone to call or help you out, just like the Navy. I truly feel that we are all in this together and there is great support from the headquarters and other franchise owners.”

- Isaac Ingram, Franchise Owner since 2012, Olympia Fields, IL

“The U.S. Air Force provided my family and me a sense of camaraderie. No matter where I was around the world, I had a supportive group of men and women that became my family. This is what makes the military great and this is what makes CruiseOne great. When my wife and I were deciding to join CruiseOne, the selling point was the support that we would receive; and after my initial phone call with a Franchise Development Specialist, I was sold and that sense of camaraderie still continues to this day.  At CruiseOne, a man or a woman is never left behind. Once we joined this family, I can truly say I have brothers and sisters that I can call anytime and they will be there to help. The military helped me with this sense of camaraderie and now each and every day I get up knowing that my customers are more than customers they are family.”

- Cory Hardy, Franchise Owner since 2014, Columbia, SC
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