Travel & Cruise Franchise Reviews

We have the highest retention rate of any travel franchise – we retain 94% of our franchisees.

We encourage you to read our cruise franchise reviews below. Franchisee Satisfaction is an important aspect of operating a successful business and everything we do is focused on the continual success of you, our customer.

“Owning a Dream Vacations travel franchise is ideal for military spouses because it is a business that can travel with you. My husband is an Army officer and we have moved nine times in 15 years of marriage. I was even able to keep my business running while stationed overseas. It also is a good opportunity for spouses because military families love to travel during the limited time they have together, and knowing how to get them military rates on their vacations gives you an advantage over other agents. You also have the trust of the military family as a military spouse so they want your help with their vacation planning.”

- Toni & Joseph Verastegui, Franchise Owners since 2012, West Point NY

“As a franchisee, I feel empowered because I am running my own business! I make all the decisions, hold myself accountable for goals I set for myself, and work on my own schedule. The great part about being a franchisee is I know I am not alone. Although I hold all the power in my own business, I have the support of a great team from our headquarters. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, and always looking for ways to help us improve our sales. They give us all the tools we need to be successful, so the success of any individual franchise is a direct reflection of how the owners and associates have utilized all the tools available to them. It’s really a collaboration, because without the resources and benefits provided to us, it would be a lot more difficult to grow as quickly as I’ve seen my own business grow.”

- Jenny Gonzalez, Franchise Owner since 2015, Las Vegas, NV

When my husband and I started our search for a travel franchise, our primary goal was to find a highly respected name with which to align our interests and one that provided the back-end support needed to be successful. We found that and more with the World Travel Holdings’ home-based brands of CruiseOne and Dream Vacations. We started as CruiseOne franchisees and after two years in business changed over to Dream Vacations to better represent what we do – we make clients’ dream vacations come true whether that’s a visit to Paris in the spring or cruising the Caribbean to avoid the doldrums of winter and everything in between! A strong corporate headquarters team provides us with support in training, information technology, and supplier relationships (to name just a few). They are not only part of our team, but many of them we consider friends. And having access to the talented network of our peers to collaborate with, well, that’s priceless. As we approach our third anniversary in business in 2017 with higher sales each consecutive year, we have never been happier with our choice and look forward to continued growth and success with Dream Vacations.

- Elizabeth Dominguez, Franchise Owner since 2014, Jacksonville, FL

Switching to Dream Vacations was the best business decision I ever made, I have been receiving so many calls since I started posting about our transition. I knew this was going to happen, people needed to know I could help them with more than cruises and now they do. I love the support I received from Headquarters and the seamless transition going live!

- Monica Calenda, Franchise Owner since 2014, Larkspur, CO

After being a franchise owner of McDonald’s with one of the highest volume restaurants in NYC and ranked one of the top 20 locations in the nation, I decided to stop selling Happy Meals and transition to another franchise business in an industry I was passionate about. I fell in love with cruising in 2000 and decided to follow my passion in becoming a cruise specialist. I joined CruiseOne in 2001 and rebranded as Dream Vacations in 2016. For the past eight years, my agency has ranked the number one producer in the NY area. I love sharing my excitement of cruising with my clients.

- Kathy Eng, Franchise Owner since 2008, New Rochelle, NY

We decided to make the change from CruiseOne to Dream Vacations because over the prior six years as a franchise, our clients thought we only sold cruises. With the name change to Dream Vacations, we will now be recognized as a go to team for all types of vacations not just cruises. The name change will help us propel our business to the next level and we are up for the challenge.

- Chris & Cheryl Schubert, Franchise Owners since 2008, Wesley Chapel, FL

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to pursue my passions for art and travel. Previously, I owned an art advisory business in NYC. When Kevin and I relocated to Philadelphia, it dawned on me that my other great passion, travel, could offer a sustainable career that would provide me with the same opportunity to help people fulfill their dreams. Right off the bat, CruiseOne was a natural choice, since my family booked all of our vacations – by cruise and land – through our CruiseOne specialist. Still, purchasing a franchise is a big step, so I thoroughly researched all of my options. Flexibility was important, since initially I would still be working full time; simultaneously, I wanted something that could become a career, even while raising a family. I learned, as part of World Travel Holdings, CruiseOne has unparalleled relationships with suppliers, allowing franchisees to receive exclusive promotions and inside access. Ultimately, the support offered by the Fort Lauderdale team distinguishes CruiseOne from its competitors. The comprehensive training and opportunities for development, coupled with the level of support provided, never cease to amaze me. This is a relationship business – key to building strong relationships with your clients is having great relationships with your franchise family. The truest testament to that is Kevin joining my agency as a Partner for the launch of Dream Vacations. The National Conference blew him away: the content was robust and educational, the HQ staff and fellow franchisees were welcoming, and the experience was just plain fun. Before we even left, Kevin was eager to get onboard. Now, as we help others plan their Dream Vacations, we are realizing our shared dream of being business owners and discovering new places together (with great travel perks)!

- Rachel Stekson & Kevin Wonder, Franchise Owners since 2015, Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been selling travel under the CruiseOne name for more than 12 years. This was great at first, when all I sold was cruises. But as our portfolio grew to include all things related to vacations, the name just didn’t work. My clients just never remembered that I was a Vacation Specialist and not just a Cruise Specialist. I was thrilled to be able to rebrand to Dream Vacations. And as it turns out, the publicity surrounding the rebranding has generated a lot of interest from new potential customers, as well as existing clients who thought I only sold cruises and now want me to book their other vacations.

- Alan Rosenbaum, Franchise Owner since 2003, Johns Creek, GA

As the current top producing franchise for Dream Vacations / CruiseOne we have repeatedly been in situations that have required support and guidance from the Headquarters staff. Every request and opportunity has been met with a consultative and partnership approach to finding a workable solution that is fair to all involved. We couldn’t be any happier with the support we get from the home office and the value that they provide to us in the field. The recent addition of the Dream Vacations brand to the marketing mix underscores the franchisor’s commitment to keep our brand fresh and poised for growth in the coming years.

- Gary E. Smith, Franchise Owner since 2004, Eugene, OR

Whether working as a funeral director or a vacation specialist, I love to hear people’s stories and help them find solutions. In both fields I find that people don’t understand or are overwhelmed by all of the options they face. I help narrow down the options to the most appropriate for their needs. I get to help create life-long memories that will shape a family’s own story. And, as a vacation specialist I look forward to repeat clients! Dream Vacations gives me the systems and support so that I can serve my clients with excellence. I have been grateful for the great marketing support, industry connections, and technical guidance that Dream Vacations/CruiseOne has provided. Together we create positive memories that families will cherish for years to come.

- Jason Armstrong, Franchise Owner since 2013, Spokane, WA

CruiseOne/Dream Vacations is a powerful ally. Their Risk Space program gives us price advantages. And, the people are wonderful, whenever we have a question, help is just a phone call away. When we’re at the annual conference, we’re always able to meet with people from HQ and touch base. They make an effort to be available to us, which is greatly appreciated. I look forward to the day I retire from the police department to dedicate my time fully to our business. Credit for choosing Travel as a new career belongs to my wife, Laura. It was her idea to buy the franchise, and she recently retired from her career as a Project Manager to dedicate her time to travel. Laura choose travel because she loves travel and she’s an avid cruiser (over 15 cruises and counting). I wasn’t that interested when she started, but I caught the bug. I love land travel. I’m still with the Dallas Police Department as an officer, but handle the land travel part of our business, and Laura handles cruises.

- Laura & Kelly Qualls, Franchise Owners since 2014, Grapevine, TX

I was looking for an opportunity to own my own business.  I had previously worked in sales and customer service for the semiconductor industry, but took 14 years away from my career to be a full time Mom.   With my kids growing up and nearing college, I wanted to return to the workforce. Owning my own business intrigued me – I liked the idea of setting my own schedule, working from home, and being responsible for my own success. I decided to look into CruiseOne after I had such a great experience booking a vacation with one of their franchisees.  There were lots of opportunities to start a travel agency – multi level marketing, independent contractor, outside agent, but when I looked into the value that the franchise model brought and the ability for me to own my own business; I knew that was the route for me.   With training, online tools and marketing support, their proven model gives franchisees everything needed for success.  The work from home opportunity also allows me to operate extended hours, but still have the important time with family.  I am proud to say that in just three years I have grown my CruiseOne business from a start-up franchise to a Platinum level, top 10% franchise nationwide.  With CruiseOne, the sky is the limit. Owning my own business has enriched my life in so many ways.   Financially it has allowed me to contribute to our family income, which will be especially important next year with two kids in college. Most importantly, owning a franchise has combined my passion for travel with a business focused on building relationships to create lifelong, loyal customers.

- Suzanne Klasen, Franchise Owner since 2012, Porter Ranch, CA

I was working the tough streets of Orlando as a Deputy Sheriff. I worked 12-13 hour shifts, eight days a week. I became interested in cruising and after taking my first cruise I was hooked. I began to organize group cruises for friends and family through a travel agent. One day I said I am doing all the work – Why don’t I start my own travel company? I started part time while still working as a Law Enforcement Officer and eventually realized the commitment was too much and decided to leave my 30 year career for an easier paced profession. After five years as an agent, I have enjoyed endless travel to destinations I never thought possible. I went from wearing a vest and carrying a gun, to wearing a back pack and carrying a passport. Although at the time I enjoyed Law Enforcement, I have never looked back and enjoy my new life to the fullest.

- Bryan Villella, Franchise Owner since 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I never thought I would be a Vacation Specialist helping people achieve their personal travel bucket list. I only remember two vacations from my childhood. Probably because I was raised by a single parent and became one myself in my mid-20s. Vacations were not an option then. It seems I have been fortunate to make up miles lost some 40 years later with now over 40 countries visited. I have always had a passion for geography, cultures, far way places, and of course serving people. I was selling travel before making money at it, telling clients from a previous business (housecleaning) to visit this country or this resort. For years I was being told I would be good at it but was just afraid to take the leap until 2005, when I spoke to a gentleman, Al Richman, a CruiseOne Franchisee for several hours on the phone. My husband, Cliff, came home that night from work and I was packed ready for classes. We are celebrating 10 years in September 2015. Our associates alongside us are from all walks of life also. Our newest are military veterans retiring this coming January from serving our country in the military for 30 years. In my travels and daily life, I have grown to expect the unexpected, embrace the experiences, and share them with family and friends. I would have never thought this is what I would be doing now & for the rest of my life.

- Diane Bean, Franchise Owner since 2005, Clayton, NC

Owning a CruiseOne travel franchise affords me the flexibility to set my own hours to revolve around my class schedule, and will give me real-world experience when I start pursuing my business degree next year at the University of Houston. I think being a younger owner will offer my clients a fresh perspective on vacations for a younger crowd and multi-generational groups. My parents are entrepreneurs and along with my business teacher, they encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  I didn’t think I was going to get this far, but when I began researching business ideas and came across CruiseOne, everything clicked into place. It fit my personal love for travel, and by budget.

- Mubeen Walimomin, Franchise Owner since 2014, Sugar Land, TX

I first learned about CruiseOne from another CruiseOne Franchisee that I met on a ship. I picked her brain probably to the point of annoyance and once back stateside I started to research various franchises and CruiseOne by far had very positive owner reviews about support, systems, etc. I was and still am a district manager for restaurant chain. Prior to working in the corporate world I owned two restaurants. I am at the point now where I am busy enough to do this full time if needed or continue to bring on associates to handle the extra business.  Let’s face it, it can be a 7 day a week job but I love it so that makes it enjoyable.  You have got to love what you do first and foremost.  But knowledge is the key to success in this business; It gives you confidence to answer any of your clients questions.  I have been up double digits each year of business but am having by far the best year so far this year (2015) up over 80%. CruiseOne is a great organization that continues to move forward and evolve the tools that we are using.  The support staff, if needed, is great and very responsive.  Being part of World Travel Holdings provides lots of pricing advantages and influence with our travel partners.  I have lots of loyal clients that either were already friends or have become friends that love to travel often.  Our working relationship is so close that 4 of them often just text me the ship and sail date to book in one sentence and it is done.  It has become a running joke that has actually spread that practice onto others doing it as well.

- Trapper Martin, Franchise Owner since 2011, Rockville, MD

I love being part of the CruiseOne family and I would absolutely buy the franchise all over again! I am coming up on a two-year anniversary and it has been a wonderful experience. There are, of course, challenges as there would be with any business, but that’s to be expected. The thing about the challenges is that with CruiseOne you know there are people that “have your back” and support you in the good and bad times. Every experience I have had working with the staff at CruiseOne has been excellent. Everyone is positive and energetic. They really want you to succeed! They know that your success is their success, but I think it goes beyond that, I think they love their franchisees as people and as their family. Working for years in the corporate world I always longed for a true partnership with my company. I wanted to be successful and I wanted my company to be successful. With being a franchisee you really have the best of both worlds – the backing of WTH and CruiseOne, along with being able to map your own success because it’s your own business! I also love the support that comes from our peers and the Communication Center where many highly experienced franchisees are more than willing to share their knowledge with newbies. On top of a great business model and the backing of a world-class company, what’s not to love about being in the travel business? For me, I can’t find a thing!

- Rhonda Day, Franchise Owner since 2013, Louisville, KY

Would I purchase my CruiseOne franchise all over again?  Hands down, absolutely! No question about it.  There are so many resources available at HQ to help me when I need it.  Support Services is absolutely amazing, and they have gone above and beyond for my so many times!  The Marketing department has given me their creative guidance and have been generous in sharing just what has worked for other franchisees.  My Business Development Representative (Adam Taylor) has been my sounding board when I needed it most.  PR has consistently given me the tools to promote my business and have alerted me to opportunities that fit my niche markets.  I’m super excited about World Travel Holdings’ commitment to technology and all of the great tools they give us in the field to be successful.  It’s clear that HQ wants us all to be successful.   I’m looking forward to many years as a CruiseOne franchise owner, and building a successful business as part of a world-class organization!

- Margaret Miner, Franchise Owner since 2013, Pleasant Hill, CA

People tell me almost daily that they’re so jealous of me.  Why?  Because I have the coolest job on the planet!  What could be more exciting than traveling to fabulous places? I spend every day helping people plan trips to amazing places all over the world. Friends and strangers have told me that I light up when I talk about my business.  This is my tenth year in business, and I still love going to work every day.

I did a lot of research before choosing CruiseOne.  I spoke with many agents from several different companies.  I ended up choosing CruiseOne for several reasons.  Their technology was superior to the competition, which was very important to me.  CruiseOne agents were willing and eager to answer all of my questions (and now I do the same when I get calls from people interested in a franchise).  And I liked the person that I was working with at CruiseOne.  He was patient, answering all of my questions honestly. He didn’t pressure me to make a decision.  Other companies I called used a more high-pressure approach, calling constantly and pressuring me.  For all of these reasons, I knew CruiseOne was the right company for me.

I have never regretted my decision to start this business.  Our headquarters staff are a pretty amazing team!  But here’s what I love most about CruiseOne.  We are all a team, headquarters and agents.  We don’t see each other as competition.  We all help each other, and cheer each other on. I’ve learned so much over the years and continue to learn from my fellow franchisees.  And I pass along as much knowledge as I can.  I am proud to be a part of this great family.

- Darci Upham, Franchise Owner since 2006, Hampstead, NC

“I spent a decade working for an airline. After 9/11, I accepted a severance package and founded a PR firm. Over the past few years, I’ve been yearning to get back into the travel business. When my husband and I recently took a cruise, I was hooked! I researched extensively for a business model that would let me continue running my PR firm while rediscovering my passion for travel. CruiseOne consistently surfaced as the top choice. Today, I am a CruiseOne Franchise Owner having the time of my life!”

- Valerie Harris, Franchise Owner since 2010, Atlanta, GA

“No matter where you do your research on becoming a franchise owner, several features will rise to the top in making your selection. Those key pieces include: How will the franchise prepare me to succeed? What is the ongoing support? Do they have a marketing program? How much money can I make? And, what are their plans for growth and improvement? I made the right choice selecting CruiseOne as my franchise. I can happily report I have received clear indications CruiseOne is capable of meeting those key issues. Within my first year, I recouped a large portion of my initial franchise investment and was promoted to the next franchisee level based on sales. On a weekly basis, I receive access to ongoing training, educational webinars, a central knowledge base and I have the opportunity to participate in many low-cost and free marketing programs. There was even a bootcamp class where we created our own marketing plans. While most of the success will depend on you and the time you invest, CruiseOne provides the best foundation to build your business and will continue to do so as they look forward to new opportunities. I’m excited about the future possibilities.”

- Lucinda Belden, Franchise Owner since 2010, Carrollton, TX

In the four years I have been a franchise owner, I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with CruiseOne.  From the very beginning, everyone at headquarters was transparent about everything and has been nothing but totally supportive of me as a business owner.  I would like to particularly highlight the Support Services team since they are always very positive and helpful, even when I have had some confusing and difficult situations to work through.  At the same time, the Training Team was also invaluable in getting me and other owners like me started on the right path.  In both cases, everyone I have ever dealt with has been positive, friendly, upbeat and supportive at all times.  For these reasons, I would surely purchase this particular franchise if I had it to do all over again.

- Dave Betlejewski, Franchise Owner since 2011, Chicago, IL

“My husband Dale and I joined CruiseOne in 1996 so you may consider us moldy-oldies in the company. I work with the clients and Dale does the bookwork and we both plan marketing efforts. When we were trying to make the big decision whether to buy a franchise, we asked ourselves what is the worst case scenario if this doesn’t succeed? Once we were able to face that possibility, we were comfortable with moving ahead and bought our franchise. We were both blown away when we went for our initial training after we joined, it’s really comprehensive, and if you forget something there is always someone at headquarters you can call and refresher training is always available. After 12 years, there are some days where I need help. I call them my brain dead days! All I have to do is call and they are there to help me with whatever I need. Our booking engine is exceptional thanks to our IT department. The many marketing resources we have at CruiseOne help us to reach out to current and prospective clients and we choose the ones that work best for us. There is even a Sales Development Team Leader personally assigned and available to assist me. They help brain storm ideas related to marketing and sales. At CruiseOne, we really are like a big family, the tips and ideas that are shared amongst the franchise owners have helped me immensely in my business. Our annual national conferences are like “old home week” and we have a ton of fun while learning about what’s new in the industry. The level of respect CruiseOne has with the cruise lines is exceptional. We are proud to be a Franchise Owner with CruiseOne and are overwhelmed when we think of all the great people we have met and the experiences we have had since joining.”

- Becky Piper, Franchise Owner since 1996, Strongsville, OH

“I started in the business with another franchise for six years. After three years, I realized that I needed more support with a better booking system and website. I researched and compared many other host agencies and franchises and I finally decided on CruiseOne, because CruiseOne has it all. I also got a recommendation from another CruiseOne franchise owner who made the move to CruiseOne. Once I switched to CruiseOne, I regretted that I had not done it earlier, everything is better. I am really happy with CruiseOne.”

- Daejin Suh, Franchise Owner since 2011, Ramsey, NJ

“We have so much to be thankful for in our choice to go with CruiseOne and in the support we have received from everyone at headquarters. We were honored to be interviewed by the media and to gain exposure for our franchise and for CruiseOne. Additionally, we are deeply grateful to Vicki Freed of Royal Caribbean, for her ongoing encouragement and support of us. We look forward to growing our business and becoming successful contributors to the CruiseOne family.”

- Bryan and Tricia Cox, Franchise Owners since 2011, Highlands, NC

After 18 years as a CruiseOne franchise owner I have switched brands to the new Dream Vacations. The corporate support for this changeover has completely exceeded my expectations. This type of customer support reminds me why I have remained a loyal franchisee for almost twenty years. The best business decision of my life was made in 1998 when I joined this organization. Being part of a large, successful and supportive network helps make walking into my office a daily pleasure.

- Ralph Santisteban, Franchise Owner since 1998, Miami, FL

“I have been part of the CruiseOne family for 16 years now. Being recognized by our vendors as the best of the best is very satisfying to me and my customers. Making people happy and helping them plan amazing vacations has been my job for a long time and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Thank you, CruiseOne, for your partnership and support. I really love my job!”

- Matt Tadla, Franchise Owner, Plainfield, IL

“I researched the franchise for two or three months as I had a lot of questions about it. I fell in love with the company and I’m having a lot of fun working with them. The support CruiseOne provides is incredible with access to all cruise lines around the world and matching the best prices available. It also connects me with companies for land vacations. They also have a mentor program and I think I would like to become a mentor with them.”

- John Tarpy, Franchise Owner since 2010, Sylvania, OH

“Cheryl and I started our CruiseOne franchise in 1999. We searched out different opportunities within the cruise and travel industry. We found CruiseOne from a recommendation by a friend. We came to learn that we had booked our own cruises with a sister company of CruiseOne for years. After doing all of our due diligence on the purchasing of a franchise, we selected CruiseOne. Why CruiseOne, because they were honest, friendly and informed us of all we could expect from them. We have been fortunate. After beginning in 1999, we worked at this full time and worked hard. Today and since 2003, we are the highest producing franchise in the country. We have been able to make a good living and have received great perks. Obviously, we highly recommend CruiseOne as the best choice you can make. The reason we do, is not just that we are part of the company, nor is it because we have been successful within it but because we have not found or seen a better way to operate in this industry. Good luck with your future. If you choose CruiseOne, you will be extremely happy you did so.”

- Cheryl & Ron Scavron, Franchise Owners since 1999, Coral Springs, FL

I definitely made the right decision when I decided to purchase my CruiseOne Franchise. My sales have increased every year since then and I now have a thriving business with a flexible schedule that I can operate from anywhere. Gaining a deeper education through travel is very important to me and I love sharing the world with my clients, whether they are first-time cruisers or experienced travelers. The travel opportunities that come from owning my franchise help enrich my knowledge of various destinations and suppliers and the experiences so far have been amazing! It takes a certain type of entrepreneur to run a successful CruiseOne franchise. You must be self-motivated, patient, willing to work long and hard, love to travel, and be willing to hold your clients’ hands as they experience the dreams that you’ve helped create. This business has been more than I ever bargained for, both in the labor required as well as the rewards. Being able to help someone who is terminally ill cross an adventure off their bucket list… coordinating a family reunion that will generate life-long memories… getting to cross exotic destinations off my own bucket list… there are just a few of my most recent highlights, and I’m confident that many more await me.  I didn’t purchase a canned business model from CruiseOne, but with the support of the team at our headquarters office, I own a world of opportunities that is constantly evolving and limitless!

- Debby Hughes, Franchise Owner since 2007, Big Bear City, CA

My partner and I were looking to get out of our current franchise business and were looking for a new opportunity.  There were other travel franchises represented at the International Franchise Expo, however the representatives at CruiseOne stood apart from the others.  Their demeanor, their professionalism, and their ability to answer my questions had an impact on my decision process.  My feeling was that they were there to sell more than just a franchise ownership.  They were showing me a partnership with a parent company.  They did not “hound me” after our initial meeting but let me know they were available to answer any questions I may have.

The months that followed that initial meeting far exceeded my expectations.  CruiseOne was transparent with their company information.  They were available at all hours of the day to answer my questions, including financial information.  I had access to numerous franchise owners who shared their CruiseOne experiences with me.  Representatives from all areas of the company were also available to me to answer any concerns I may have had about getting into a new business.

In the end, I am thrilled with my purchase.  The process to purchase the franchise was simple and painless.  CruiseOne is without a doubt – a community/family – that I am proud to be a part of.  Their support during the purchase process was phenomenal and their support after is the same.  They truly feel that in order for them to succeed, they have to be there to help you succeed.  I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a franchise concept business and/or get involved in the travel business to consider CruiseOne.    I have no regrets about my purchase, and I enjoy my career as a Travel Franchise Owner and Vacation Specialist.

- Carie Skerritt, Franchise Owner since 2014, Hightstown, NJ

“CruiseOne – Why do I love you? Let me count the reasons: When I first called CruiseOne and spoke with the head of franchising, he said, “I hear you want to join our family”. You notice that the word family and not the company is a very important distinction. The company flew me to their headquarters for 6 days of intensive training. This was training all the way, and not brainwashing to the CruiseOne way of operating. The training course is the most comprehensive in the industry. We were taught not just about the computer operations, but also about the extensive marketing, how to optimize advertising and how to use the internet to increase business. While I was taking my training, I met and spoke with a lot of people who work in the CruiseOne headquarters and most of them have been there 5 years or longer. This tells me, that the headquarter staff enjoys their jobs and likes working for the company. They really do want us all to be successful. CruiseOne has the highest standards of any Cruise agency and all of the cruise lines have only the highest regard and respect for the CruiseOne Franchise Owners. Which company should you pick; it’s really a no brainer, CruiseOne!”

- Mike Brodlieb, Franchise Owner since 2008, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“I was very fortunate to have met my husband on a cruise back in 2002! Many changes were happening in my life at the time, including a career change. I had worked in the travel industry many years ago so I was somewhat familiar with the industry. I have always wanted to return to travel but the right opportunity and perfect company just never fell upon me until I came across a wonderful travel agent at CruiseOne; she was the one who recommended the cruise I met my husband on! It seemed too good to be true that the cruise travel business would be my new career for my life together with my new husband. Owning and operating a CruiseOne franchise has been a perfect fit. My husband will be retiring in a few years and joining the CruiseOne family to work full time on the next chapter of our cruising life!”

- Peg Andrules, Franchise Owner since 2004, Gurnee, IL

“Although we have extensive business backgrounds, my wife I bought our CruiseOne franchise with no travel business experience in 2008. The decision to buy a CruiseOne franchise came after careful consideration of other franchise opportunities both in and out of the travel industry. We read every bit of material sent to us from CruiseOne. We contacted about a dozen current franchisees and even called people who were no longer franchisees. We were very encouraged by the fact that everyone told the same story, “It’s a great organization with an incredible support staff and if you work hard, you will succeed.” The advice we got was 100% accurate. This company is seriously dedicated to my success. The training program is excellent and best of all, ongoing. You always find helpful, cheerful people on the phone when you call for support and our fellow franchisees are an endless source of support and knowledge. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase a CruiseOne franchise.”

- Neil Lazinsky, Franchise Owner since 2007, Wheatley Heights, NY

“I enjoy being a CruiseOne Franchisee because it has allowed me to be able to turn my adoration for travel and cruising into a profession. Plus, I was able to exit the hustle and bustle of the 8-to-5 corporate financial services world. In addition, I have introduced my extended family, friends and acquaintances to the hassle-free experience of cruising. And, through my contacts, I have been able to provide a less-dangerous option for high school & college spring break vacations. I love what I do, and can’t imagine ever retiring.”

- Jo Fresse, Franchise Owner since 1996, Eden Prairie, MN

“I’ve owned a CruiseOne franchise since January 2003 and it was the best decision I made in my life! After my extensive experience in the airline business, I embarked on an exciting and fulfilling career with various cruise lines. Again, this career gave me the opportunity to see even more of the world. I was hooked on cruising! I, then, heard about CruiseOne and thought what a perfect fit for me to take all my experience in the travel industry and open my own business. Owning my own franchise has been so rewarding and I have learned so much. Being your own “leader” allows you to use your own creativity, be independent and make your own decisions. CruiseOne headquarters is very supportive with our needs; however, they do not try to micromanage us. They give us the flexibility. We get to have it “our way.” I’m thrilled about assisting my clients in fulfilling their dreams.”

- Carol Le-Bert, Franchise Owner since 2003, Jupiter, FL

“I’ve owned my franchise for 13 years and it has been a great experience. I have met some wonderful people, made great friends and I have seen the world. I love making people happy with great cruise experiences and since I have been to most of the ports I can advise them of what to see and what to do.”

- Susan Traub, Franchise Owners since 1998, Cheshire, MA

“I’ve been in the travel business for 34 plus years. I’ve had 10 years’ experience in sales with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. In 2010, I went back into the agency side of the business and the only choice for me was CruiseOne. As a sales representative, I dealt with many CruiseOne agents. Everything about the CruiseOne agents and organization impressed me from their knowledge to their professionalism. On top of that, with a wonderful support program, I am now a successful CruiseOne Franchise Owner and loving every minute of it.”

- Marsha George, Franchise Owner since 2010, Williamsburg, OH

“The staff at CruiseOne headquarters knows the meaning of ‘service.’ Whenever I have called to seek assistance with my business, they have been professional and gone the extra mile to help me find a solution. As a franchisee in a middle-sized southern city, I appreciate the work that goes into establishing and maintaining good working relationships with our cruise-line partners. These relationships would be impossible for me to work out on my own; so I owe CruiseOne a big ‘Thank You’ for all you have done!”

- Fred McBride, Franchise Owner since 2008, Huntsville, AL

“I started with CruiseOne in 1994 when there were only about four employees. I am totally dedicated to my business and would not have survived had it not been for the tremendous, consistent support of the CruiseOne corporate staff. They have never failed to get me the answers I need at any given time or to navigate me through some technical issues that may be a little over my head. If I had it to do all over, I would not hesitate to choose CruiseOne again. This is what I tell others who are looking into purchasing a CruiseOne Franchise and it is absolutely true.”

- Ralph Barker, Franchise Owner since 1994, Ellijay, GA

“Ed and I purchased our franchise in 2004. Our headquarters staff has been invaluable in helping us grow our business by suggesting ways to “find” potential clients and creating loyalty. When we call for assistance, our questions and/or concerns are always answered on the spot or with a prompt return call. I have never worked with a company that has been so eager to keep us on top of our game with training, information and constant updates on the industry. And, they do it with a smile that you can hear over the phone!”

- Frankie Pennington-Groff and Ed Groff, Franchise owners since 2004, Banner Elk, NC
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Inner Form

Paula Kaisner

Paula had a successful career in technology but she wanted to do something she was more passionate about and found the CruiseOne franchise opportunity to be the perfect fit for her after meeting a CruiseOne franchise owner on a cruise. Paula says that she has had a blast with her business and the support and learning opportunity provided have helped her grow her business.

– Paula Kaisner, Lakeway, TX.

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